Hi my name is David Gowing. I am a personal trainer, health and fitness instructor, and former model.

I have spent many years learning about and applying the best approaches to achieving peak health and fitness. I want to share with you the knowledge and information I have acquired in all areas of interest, including:

  • fitness
  • nutrition
  • skin health/care
  • and anti-aging techniques
When you know what foods to eat and the correct way to workout, you don’t need to obsess over calories or workout for hours each day.

The aim of this site is to help men achieve a fit, athletic, ripped look and women a healthy, slim and toned look. Without looking bulky. All the articles are geared towards these goals, whether it’s workouts, food suggestions or skin health specific. I focus on the whole picture – head to toe, inside and out.

A Little More About Me

Initially I became interested in nutrition due to skin problems I experienced as a teenager. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to eat unhealthy food and avoid the inevitable outcome. During this time I started modelling and became aware of the importance of clear skin and the need for being in great shape. I had to work harder than most as I had problem skin and was very skinny.

It was pretty rough being a teenager in such an imaged driven environment, but I was determined to be my best. So I began to focus on ways to improve myself.

I wanted to have:

  • an athletic looking body
  • and clear, healthy skin

This turned out to be much more confusing than I expected.  I was lost with all the different options and often conflicting advice I found on exercise, diet and skin health. But I stayed focused and kept searching.

I tried just about every exercise approach and diet you can think of. Nothing seemed to lead to the results I wanted.

Eventually I was able to find the solution…

The problem was that I was doing all the wrong things.

I was working out the wrong way:

I was spending hours each day training and picking up injuries along the way.

I was  focusing purely on the look and ignoring the importance of functional training, and rest and recovery.

My approach to nutrition was unbalanced:

I was eating too much of the wrong kinds of foods and not enough of the good kinds of foods.

I was basically focusing on everything the wrong way. I was tired and frustrated. So instead of trying to find ways to continue doing what I was doing and have a different result, I decided to start fresh. I decided to focus on health.

By approaching everything with the intention of being as healthy as possible, I was able to finally start seeing results. I stopped worrying about what foods I had to avoid and instead focused on what kinds of healthy foods I was going to start eating.

With exercise, I started to focus on building a solid foundation of strength and fitness that would allow me to  get the results I wanted rather than following the latest workout from magazines and being impatient for the end result.

It was with this new outlook that I finally began to turn things around. I have done it,  and you can too.

April 2010 - Apologies for the shirtless pic, it's just to let you see I practice what I preach.

I want to use my experiences and knowledge to allow you to cut through the confusion and finally get the results you want. I’m constantly learning and researching, and I will share this information with you by adding articles, tips and videos on a regular basis focusing on ways to improve your health and fitness, and how you can achieve the results you want!

I encourage all comments or questions you might have.

So please feel free to comment on my articles, or “like” my Facebook Page for up to date information on health, fitness, recipes and classes.

I’m here to help.