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Miranda Kerr’s Healthy Supermodel Workout & Diet

For those who may not be familiar with Miranda Kerr, she is an Australian Supermodel and one of the Victoria’s Secret “Angels” along with fellow top supermodels Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and Erin Heatherton. Why am I talking about her? Because Miranda is in great shape! And while she is a model and very slim, she’s also very fit and healthy. Which isn’t always the case with models. Also, she gave birth to her first child in January and the above picture was taken in August!

So what is Miranda’s secret?…


Miranda clearly has great genetics, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to keep active to stay in shape. So how does she do it? Through a combination of yoga, pilates, cardio and circuit training, each of which offer great benefits. Miranda does full-body workouts with an emphasis on legs/glutes, core, arms, balance and stretching.

Lower Body - The lower body portion includes large compound movements like squats and lunges as well as lots of isolation moves to target specific areas such as the hips, inner and outer thighs, calves, and hitting the glutes from many different angles.

Core - Core work involves plenty of plank type exercises and stabilization movements, raising one leg while in plank position etc., as well as rotations with resistance bands or medicine ball.

Arms- Arms are targeted with push ups, dips and using resistance bands. Workouts also involve high intensity interval training which force the body to work at near maximum effort followed by periods of rest or active rest where you keep moving, but at a much lower intensity. This type of training causes you to breath heavily and burn calories like crazy!

Yoga & Pilates – Pilates is great for targeting the core and improving posture, building strength and stability. While yoga is excellent because it will not only improve flexibility and bring your body into balance, but it’s also a physical form of relaxation – you need to focus all of your attention on your body and your breathing and really be in the moment. Yoga also helps to balance hormones as each pose targets different endocrine (hormone) centres, such as the pineal, thyroid, thymus and adrenals. The type of yoga Miranda practices is Hatha yoga which is a very gently, yet very effective form of yoga.

Miranda continued to practice yoga throughout her pregnancy, and has slowly increased her trips to the gym for more circuit style resistance training.

Post Baby

Miranda had a high level of health and physical fitness before becoming pregnant which definitely played a part in her being able to get her pre-pregnancy body back very quickly but didn’t happen by accident, and again she approached it in a very sensible and balanced way.

Miranda has consistently eaten healthy for many years and continued to do so throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of her child, so instead of focusing on losing weight in unhealthy or unnatural ways she simply focused on eating the healthiest foods she could for both her own health and the health of her son whom she is nursing.

When it comes to exercise, once again Miranda has been consistent, continuing to practice yoga throughout her pregnancy and gradually adding in pilates to help improve core strength which is particularly important after having a baby. She also slowly eased back into regular resistance training sessions for over all strength and conditioning, building up to training every other day by August.

Here’s A Fun Interview With Miranda From May 2011

Healthy Eating For A Supermodel Body

Of course all Miranda’s hard work in the gym would not give her this kind of body without being combined with a great nutritional plan – you simply can’t out train a bad diet.

Miranda studied nutrition both in Australia and the U.S. and is passionate about health, making her food choices based on providing her body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy and keep energy levels high. When you eat lots of processed/ junk food with no nutrients and loaded with artificial chemicals your energy levels will suffer and so will your mood – something Miranda can’t afford with such a busy lifestyle which can involve travelling to two countries per week for photo shoots, catwalk appearances and television interviews.


To research this post I read a lot of Miranda’s interviews and over the years she has consistently said the same thing when it comes to her eating habits. She follows a diet based on her blood type which consists of fresh, unprocessed healthy foods that are organic whenever possible. The program for Miranda’s blood type also recommends foods that are low G.I. (foods that have a minimal impact on blood sugar fluctuations helping to avoid weight gain) and highly alkalising like leafy greens. Blood typing aside, I think everybody could benefit by from eating this way.

A Look At Miranda Kerr’s Eating Plan

Vegetables - lots of colorful veggies, particularly dark leafy greens

Lean proteins – Eggs and small amounts of lean meats (due to her blood type)  such a salmon, chicken and occasionally red meat

Antioxidants – green tea, berries, freshly made green juices (helps alkalize the body), noni juice

Healthy fats – omega-3s, coconut oil, nuts and seeds

Healthy carbohydrates – oatmeal, sweet potato, buckwheat

Hydration – lots, and lots of water (once the body becomes dehydrated, inflammation begins – not good. Drink 8 glasses per day)

She also takes vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure she is supplying her body with everything it needs to keep her immune system strong, her body fit and her skin, hair and nails healthy.

“Miranda Kerr’s” Coconut Oil Tips

Recently it was reported that Miranda had said she used large amounts of coconut oil daily to help her shed fat, but she has since spoken out about these claims:

“I never did an interview with Australian Cosmopolitan magazine and unfortunately they have misquoted and misrepresented comments posted on my blog,”

“When it comes to coconut oil, I personally find it beneficial and use approximately four teaspoons of coconut oil a day (in my salads and meals), not tablespoons.

“Everyone is different, but that is what works for me and I prefer it as a substitute to other oils more readily used in day-to-day food preparation and cooking. I suggest people consult with their health practitioner for what is right for them.”

Coconut oil is a very healthy oil and can help stimulate the metabolism, being more readily used for energy rather than being stored as fat. To learn more about coconut oil’s health benefits check out my earlier post on Coconut Oil.

Miranda's upbeat attitude has helped her to stay laid back and grounded in a very image driven industry.

Healthy Lifestyle & Healthy Outlook

From the interviews I’ve watched, Miranda comes across as having really upbeat, positive attitude and a good sense of humour, taking a more laid back, grounded attitude and not letting the modelling industry go to her head. To help keep this relaxed outlook Miranda uses meditation and positive affirmations daily.

She has consciously chosen to make health and wellness a priority in her life and it shows – her skin glows, her hair is healthy and her body is lean, toned and strong. I really like that Miranda is so healthy in all aspects of her life and is a great example of how important health and a positive outlook are in having a fit and healthy body, something we often forget in the pursuit of a better body.

I love hearing your thoughts, so please leave a comment in the comment section below on anything covered in this post.

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