Bust That Last Bit Of Stubborn Fat

Do You Have A Little Bit Of Fat That Just Won’t Budge

A lot of people exercise on a regular basis, watch what they eat, get enough sleep, etc. In doing this you will lose weight, become fitter and look much better. But for most there is one area that no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to budge that last bit of fat.

Why Won’t That Last Bit of Fat Shift

There are a number of factors responsible. You are genetically predisposed to where you will gain fat first. For men this is usually the belly, lower back and waist. While women usually store fat on the hips, thighs and the triceps (back of the arms). Obviously these are not the only areas that gain fat. However they do tend to be the first. When you begin to exercise and eat a more balanced diet you should start to lose excess fat, but you will most likely lose the fat in the reverse order you gained it. Meaning the first place you gained it will be the last place to lose it. This last bit of fat is often referred to as ‘stubborn fat’.

So why is it so hard to shift those last few pounds? Well if you do what most people do and follow a calorie reduced diet for an extended period of time the body will start to go into starvation mode to protect itself. The body does this by slowing down the metabolism and holding on to any available fat to survive what it believes to be an on coming period of  not enough food.  This happens before you are able to burn off all the excess fat, leaving you with that bit stubborn fat holding on.

Are You Just Doomed To Be Stuck With Stubborn Fat

The short answer is no. Stubborn fat is no different than a fat deposit on any other part of your body. It’s just that it’s the last to go. To get rid of it you need to approach fat loss from a new direction. You see, too many people focus purely on cutting calories and doing long sessions of cardio. The problem with following this method for too long without adjustment is you will also be losing muscle along with the fat. Losing a small amount of muscle while losing weight is fine when done correctly in the short term, it’s when you are dieting and doing long periods of cardio over an extended period of time that you will stop seeing results. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat. So if you are losing too much muscle your metabolism will slow down and fat burning will become more difficult.

It’s All About Choices

A smarter approach would be to change some of your food choices and add in some resistance training. This will allow you to build a small amount of lean muscle, which will help you to burn excess fat and actually make you look better than you would with diet and cardio alone.

When it comes to food sources I like to focus on fresh vegetables. They fill you up so you don’t feel hungry and they supply your body with essential nutrients.  I don’t believe in “no-carb” diets. You need a certain amount of carbohydrate for enough energy to get through your day and if you are doing exercise on top of that you really need to be giving your body the fuel it needs. Just focus on healthy unprocessed forms of carbohydrate which will slowly release energy and help keep your blood sugar stable, meaning you won’t be tempted to reach for sweet treats during the day. Fill your plate with lots of vegetables, some protein and a small amount of carbohydrate from grains. Making these small changes can make a huge difference. You still need to do the work but at least you know that it won’t be in vain.

Say goodbye to that muffin top!

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