Get Fit And Healthy – 5 Things You Can Do Today

At this time of year everybody is busy looking for ideas on how to get fit and healthy, and there are many complicated and time consuming options out there. Well I want to keep it simple, with easy to follow steps. So here are 5 things you can do right now to kick start your results!

1) Eat These Foods

Boost your health and speed your results by focusing on healthy foods to add to your diet!

Omega – 3 Rich Fish

Suffering from dry, flaky skin? Poor concentration? Stiff or “clicky” joints? Then you could be lacking omega – 3’s. The body can’t produce it’s own supply of this essential fatty acid, so we need to get it from our diet. Omega – 3’s also help you burn fat! They do this by helping to stabilise blood sugar. Wild salmon, mackerel, herring, trout, sardines, tuna and anchovies (minus the pizza) are all excellent food sources of omega – 3. You may also benefit from a good quality fish oil supplement.

More on omega 3’s here

Berries – Contain anti-inflammatory properties and are bursting with antioxidants. Try to get as wide a variety as possible as each type contains unique compounds. Add to oatmeal, shakes, smoothies and natural plain yogurt.  Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. Also try goji berries, dried red berries that taste like a cross between cranberries and cherries great for the immune system.

Coconut oil – An excellent substitute for butter. The body actually prefers to burn this super healthy oil for fuel rather than store it as fat! It’s also excellent for cooking and baking with as it doesn’t become damaged at high heats like vegetable oils, which is not good for your health. Available in health food stores.

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Leafy green veggies – Full of antioxidants and anti cancer properties, they are also excellent sources of fibre, which helps stabilise your blood sugar, curb cravings and aid in weight loss. Choose from broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, rocket, endive, romaine/cos lettuce.

2) Drink This

Coconut water – A natural sports recovery drink. Coconut water has become so popular in Hollywood in the last year Madonna, Chilli Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis, Demi Moore and Matthew McConaughey have all bought shares in a major coconut water company. Not that that’s reason enough to drink it 🙂 So what’s all the fuss? Coconut water helps to keep you hydrated due to it’s high levels of naturally occurring electrolytes potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphorous. It also contains growth factors said to rejuvenate the skin and hair. Drink post exercise. More on coconut water here.

3) Limit Carbs After 5pm

No need to avoid carbohydrates altogether, just make a few simple adjustments. Eat heavier carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, sweet potatoes or whole grain breads earlier in the day or post workout. After 5 pm fill your plate with more fibrous veggies, so you are still eating the same amount of food, but it’s easier to digest and will help you to reach your fat loss goals easier. Eating lighter carbs in the evening should also help improve your sleep quality.

4) Keep A Food Log

Get yourself a blank note pad and make a note of everything you eat each day for the next week. You’ll be surprised at how much this
simple habit will focus your mind on your goals. Plus being able to look at what you actually eat versus what and how much you think you eat makes it much easier to see what areas may need some tweaking.

5) Do This Workout

Interval training is an excellent form of exercise for building strength, lean muscle and burning fat. Try this 12 minute routine at home. Do a quick 5 minute warm up first.

Full workout breakdown here

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