Get Fit For The Holidays – HIIT Workout Video

It’s a scary thought, but Christmas is just around the corner, which means great tasting food, lots of alcohol and usually some unwelcome weight gain. It seems to be the same story every year, and can often leave many people feeling anxious when they should be enjoying this happy time of year. So instead of putting things off until after the the holidays, why not start now?

Yes you read that correctly, why not start getting fit and strong and lean (or fitter, stronger and leaner, in some cases 🙂 ) right now! Think about it, why put it off? You’ll look better when you’re visiting and socialising with family and friends (and taking lots of photos), you will feel more confident about yourself, the extra activity means you won’t do as much damage over the break, and best of all – getting back into regular exercise after Christmas will be so much easier!

The Workout

I’m a big fan of high intensity interval training (HIIT), for more on this method see my Burn Fat On Demand article, and I use it as a big part of my own training. It’s excellent for burning fat, building lean muscle and it’s very time efficient, this workout is only 12 minutes long!

Today’s workout involves a series of exercises, with short breaks in between to maximize intensity. The exercises I have chosen are all bodyweight so anybody can do them. The key is to really give each exercise your all so that it feels intense for you.

Workout Breakdown

The workout is made up of six bodyweight exercises which are to be done one after the other in the order below. Each exercise is to be performed for 30 seconds, with a 10 second rest between each exercise.

10 second rest

30 seconds Jumping Jacks

10 second rest

30 seconds Plank Step Out

10second rest

30 seconds Mountain Climbers

10 second rest

30 second Side Plank Lift (left side)

10 second rest

30 seconds Burpees

10 second rest

30 seconds Side Plank Lift (right side)

Once the last exercise has been completed, repeat the sequence twice more.

In the video I use a timer to keep track of the intervals, but you could use a clock or your phone if you don’t have a timer.

Beginners/ Low Impact Variations Video
Check out the video below for beginner/ low impact versions of all the exercises in the workout.

(You can click on the names of the exercises below for a written description)

Jumping Jack

Plank Step Out


Mountain Climbers

Side Plank Lift (Right Side)


Side Plank Lift (Left Side)

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