Intensity – The Key To Changing Your Body

How many of you exercise on a regular basis, eat pretty healthy yet just can’t seem to make any significant change to your body? This is a very common problem, and often major concern when you really feel your are doing your best. So why can’t you get that flat stomach, those six pack abs, bigger arms, firmer butt, broader shoulders? Correct diet is definitely important, but something else is essential.

How Do You Workout?

Think about how you exercise for a moment. Do you have the tv on? Are you thinking of what the weather is going to be like today? This is fairly common, the problem is that if you are able to focus on these other things you are not giving 100% attention to your workout. If you want results, real results, you have to put maximum effort into your workouts, it needs to feel intense. If you are casually lifting a dumbbell, or strolling along on the treadmill in a day dream, your body  will see no need to change. I mean it’s not being taxed, it’s clearly not a challenge, so why would it need to change?

The Need For Intensity

The body is constantly trying to maintain internal stability. It wants everything within the body to be in it’s relaxed state, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature etc. This balanced state is known as homeostasis. When you run, or lift a heavy box the body will quickly try to return to this resting state. If you continue to do these activities your body will adapt and become more efficient at them so it can once again return to homeostasis.

Think of how you build a bigger, stronger muscle. You need to cause enough of a stimulus, or intensity, that the body will say “that was hard. I need to get better at that, so the next time it happens, I will be ready for it”. So it will not only repair the “damage” caused by this new activity, but it will actually over compensate and make the muscles used stronger. Now imagine you where doing this on a regular basis, the body would keep adapting to get better and better at performing these actions. This will eventually lead to a change in body composition, reducing the unnecessary excess fat, and increasing the needed lean muscle mass, all to make the body better at completing the task set for it.

This Doesn’t Only Apply To Lifting Weights

This result can be achieved with any activity. Sprinting, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, dancing, you name it. As long as it is adequately intense and feels challenging for you, you can be sure your body will begin to change. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I have found making this one little adjustment, has made such a huge difference to my own results.

You Can Get Better Results Doing Less As Long As The Intensity Is High

Tabata training is an excellent example of this. Tabata training is a very short, but VERY intense method of training. I talk about it in more detail in my 4 Minute Workout Improves Fitness And Torches Fat article, but basically it involves 8 intervals of 20 seconds maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Though short, this method is seriously intense and has been shown to be more efficient than longer even paced, moderate intensity workouts for improving both aerobic and anaerobic capabilities, as well as burning fat and naturally increasing HGH levels.

This particular type of training is advanced, and the average person would need longer training sessions to see results, but it really demonstrates the power of intensity!

How Can You Use Intensity To Get Results

If you push yourself and work at a level that is intense for you, regardless of what your current fitness level is,  it may be higher or lower than mine, but if it feels intense to you and you are putting in your maximum effort, you will begin to see results. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice correct form. Add in healthy nutrition and you will see amazing results!

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