Scarlett Johansson’s Workout For Iron Man 2 – Revealed!

Scarlett Johansson’s Body Is Outstanding In Iron Man 2

I’m a huge fan of the first Iron Man movie, it was the perfect summer blockbuster, so you can guess how excited I am about Iron Man 2!

I always enjoy a movie when an actor has gotten into great shape for their role, it just adds to the experience. Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”, Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Caino Royale”, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel in “Blade Trinity”, and off course Linda Hamilton in “Terminator 2”, these are just a few examples that spring to mind. Seeing someone get themselves in peak condition is just really inspiring and motivational, especially because they are able to do it incredibly fast!

For Iron Man 2 Scarlett Johansson  Completely Transformed Her Body

When most people think of Scarlett Johansson, super fit action heroine probably isn’t the first image that comes to mind. She is know for being very curvy and soft, even admitting last year that she didn’t workout more than once or twice a week at most.

That has all changed now, she has managed to keep the feminine curves, but is tight and toned. In Iron Man 2, Johansson plays Natalie Rushman/Black Widow, a mysterious undercover agent who is highly skilled in mixed martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. For the part Johansson needed to be able to do all her own stunts. While wearing a skin-tight Lycra catsuit. Something she herself admits was all the motivation she needed.

Let’s Have A Look At Scarlett Johansson’s Workout

In order to get in shape for Iron Man 2, Johansson worked with top trainer Bobby Strom. Check out the clip below for a taste what the workout involved

That’s right. They trained 90 minutes a day, 7 days a week, for 5 months!

The workouts were based on body conditioning, much like martial arts training. Strom also changed Johansson’s workouts on a daily basis so she wouldn’t get bored. This is actually a great way to keep seeing results, a lot of people stick to the same workout for months or even years and wonder why they don’t see any difference in their bodies.

By changing up your workout on a regular basis your muscles have to keep guessing and adapting, and you will keep seeing results. The more advanced you are, like Scarlett Johansson became, the more often you would need to change, but for most people changing their workout every two or three weeks would be fine.

As you can see Scarlett has kept her curves, but is really lean and toned. And still looks feminine and sexy.

Strom focused on developing Johansson’s balance, coordination, agility, and strength using boxing, TRX suspension cables, kettlebells and bodyweight circuit training.

He also mentioned that Scarlett really enjoyed doing strength work, and feeling strong for the first time. As I’ve said before, circuit training is excellent for building strength without bulk, a look Scarlett displays to perfection in Iron Man 2.

Here is an example of a body weight circuit Bobby Strom had Scarlett do to bulid strength without bulk, which he outlined in a recent interview:

Do the exercises one after another, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the circuit.

T-Push up – 5 reps each side (works arms, chest, core and shoulders)

Get in pushup position with feet together and hands shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself until your chest is a few inches off the floor. As you push back up, lift your right arm straight up and rotate your body to the right until you forms a T, balancing on your left hand and the outside of your left foot. Return to the top of the pushup position and repeat to the opposite side. That’s one rep.

Split Squats – repeat for 30 seconds each leg (works lower body)

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Step back with your left foot, squeeze your glutes and S-L-O-W-L-Y sink into a lunge, taking five seconds to lower. Push back up, taking three seconds to return to standing. Continue the up-and-down movement for 30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat.

Flamingo Extensions – 10-12 reps, all left leg, then all right leg (works back, core, glutes and shoulders)

Stand with feet together. Bend left leg slightly and lift right foot off the ground behind you until right knee is bent 90 degrees. Bend forward at the hips as you extend your right leg behind you and left arm in front of you so your body form a T. As you do this, brace your core, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and engage your glutes. Return to start, and repeat for 10 to 12 reps. Repeat on the opposite side. This move can be challenging if you have tight hamstrings.

Jump Squats – repeat 10 times without stopping (for cardio and works lower body)

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides. Lower into a squat then, as you come up, jump explosively into the air (you can throw arms up for even more height). Land with knees soft and sink back down into the squat.

In addition to the daily workouts with her trainer, Johansson also spent hours doing stunt training:

“You just have to put in the hours,” she said. “That’s what I realized, is that just putting in the hours and doing the training and repetition and basically just befriending the stunt team and spending all day, every day, just over and over and over and over until you sell it.”

With all the demands of her new physical training, it was important that Scarlett was feeding her body the right foods

Scarlett’s eating plan focused on protein in the form of eggs, turkey and fish, healthy fats from extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado. And sticking to low GI carbs, like quinoa. She cut out salt, sugar and high GI carbs like white bread, flour and pasta.

In my opinion her diet looks great, in fact it’s practically the same as I eat. Below I have done up a sample menu using the foods Scarlett’s trainer recommended.


Oatmeal with fresh berries and cinnamon + 2 egg omelete


Turkey salad (spinach, bell pepper, spring onion, olive oil and fresh lemon juice) + quinoa


1 Apple and some almonds


Steamed fish with a selection of vegetables (choose from – broccoli, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, pak choi, celery, shallots, red                                                                                                onions, zucchini, cabbage, red cabbage, Chinese cabbage)

And plenty of water throughout the day.

Once You Have The Results You Want, You Can Just Focus On Maintaining

To retain her new body Scarlett says she is still following the same clean eating plan, but has reduced her workouts to 3 times per week. I think eating really healthy is key here. A lot of people try to out exercise a bad diet, but it’s almost impossible, especially over any extended amount of time. However, if you’re eating really healthy and working out a little less, you absolutely can maintain what you have.

I have to admit I thought Scarlett’s physique was perfect in this movie, and an excellent example of what proper nutrition and a commitment to consistent exercise can do for a body!

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