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I want to help everyone to be the fittest, healthiest and best looking version of themselves possible, and hopefully convince you that you really can do it, as long as you consistently do things that will move you in that direction. Don’t get discouraged in the beginning, just do as much as you can and you will begin to change your body for the better. Not only will you feel fitter, you will also begin to feel healthier, happier and of course more confident. So let’s start today!

I’m really excited to be finally adding videos to the site. I decided the best place to start would be to show you some great basic exercises that you can do at home, any time, and build on or begin to build a solid foundation of strength.

I have chosen 3 basic exercises that anyone can do, and I also demonstrate variations so everybody can get started, which I cover in the video. Below there is a full written description as well as number of reps for each exercise.  So practice these each day and I’ll have a new video for you soon.

1. Plank

I think having great abs is on everybody’s wish list, so the first exercise I’m going to show you is one of the best exercises you can do to not only build strong abdominals but also help to flatten you stomach. It’s also much better for your back than crunches.

This exercise is looks easy, but can quite challenging to begin with. Correct form is key.

To start lie face down on the floor.

Place your elbows directly under your shoulders. Feet together.

Inhale, then exhale blowing out all the air.

Pull your belly button in toward your spine.

Continue drawing the belly button in and peel your stomach up off the floor,  come up to your knees.

From here you will brace/tense your abs and lift your knees off the floor.

So your forearms and toes are the only parts of your body in contact with the floor.

Keeping your abs pull in, try to breath normally. Aim to hold this position for 1  minute to begin with. Initially you can just hold the position as long as possible, and then repeat 1 or 2 more times.


If you find this too challenging, you can start in a classic push up position with your arms straight, your shoulders your elbows and your wrists all in line. Again exhale and pull the belly button in. Hold in this position.

2. Push Up

Not just for men, the push up really is an excellent bodyweight exercise that will work your chest, shoulders and triceps. You will also get additional work in your core muscles and even the glutes!

Start by getting into the classic push up position, arms slightly wider than shoulder width, abs tight, with your shoulders, hips and ankles in a straight line.

Next, keeping the abs tight and glutes squeezed, slowly bend the elbows and lower yourself toward the floor. Stopping an inch or so above the floor.

Then exhale as you straighten your arms and contract your chest muscles.

Make sure your elbows are pointing slightly backwards when bent, not out to the side or forward.

Focus on correct form and just do as many as you can, even if you can only do one to begin with.


If the classic push up is too challenging to begin with then try using an elevated surface. This is more beneficial than doing push ups on your knees as you are also engaging your core. It’s also better because you’re training your body to get stronger in the position you will eventually be using when you get stronger.

3. Squat

Another excellent exercise that works the entire lower body and the core.

Stand with feet shoulder width or a little wider apart.

Knees slightly bent. Chest up. Looking straight ahead.

Brace your abs and slowly lower yourself downwards. Push your backside out as if going to sit in a chair.

Go down as low as comfortable. Ideally stopping a few inches above the floor (as shown in the video), pause and then exhale as you push up through your heels and return to the starting position. Squeeze your glutes at the top. Your abs should be tight throughout the movement. Aim to do 10 squats (at whatever level you are beginning with).


If a full squat is to challenging, begin by going down as low as is comfortable for you. You can also use a chair or other stable object to hold onto for extra balance if required. Your flexibility will improve and you will be able to complete the full versions in a short space of time, just keep practicing.

What Can You Achieve By Doing These Exercises?

If you practice these 3 exercises on a regular basis you will build a solid foundation of strength which you will then be able to build on in whatever activity you choose to do. You will also find other exercises will become much easier, the key is consistency. This is just the beginning, I’m going to be adding more video’s and articles that will really help to transform your body, so make sure you check back often!

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