Time Challenge – New Workout Video

Can you believe we’re now mid way through the first month of 2011? Well to keep you motivated and bringing you closer to your health and fitness goals I have a new workout video for you! This workout is great for doing at home or on holidays and if you really give it your full effort you can get great results.

The Workout

This workout is made up of 6 bodyweight exercises, so like I said anyone can do them anywhere. No gym or fancy equipment needed. You will be going through each exercise in the order below for the number of reps specified. Once you complete the last exercise you are going to reverse the order and work your way back to the first exercise. You will do the same thing once more.

The Exercises

Forward/Reverse Lunge – 5 reps each leg ( lunge forward and backward 5 repetitions on left leg, then 5 on the right leg)

Superman Extensions – 5 reps each side

Plyometric Squat – 15 reps

Commando Plank – 5 reps each side (alternating each rep)

Push Up – 10 reps

Plank Reach – 5 reps each side

Once you have finished the plank reach exercise go straight into push ups again and work your way back up to the forward/reverse lunge. Then go straight into superman extensions and work your way down to the plank reach, then reverse the order of exercises working all the way back up to forward/reverse lunges. So four rounds in total.

Move immediately from one exercise to the next, aiming to do the whole workout without resting between exercises (unless needed).

Watch the video below once or twice to get familiar with the exercises and for correct form.

Beat My Time

There’s nothing like a bit of competition to help you really push yourself. So for an added motivation why not see if you can beat my time.
I did this workout this morning in 7 minutes 35 seconds. I have to admit that I was on the last round when I realised that the stopwatch hadn’t started! I took a minute rest and did it again. So the next time I do this workout I’m going to try and beat my time too.

I use an interval timer as a stopwatch to time myself, but you can use the stopwatch function on your phone or just a clock and note the time you start and the time when your finished.

I’d love to see how you get on so post your time below in the comments 🙂

Note: If you’re a beginner don’t worry so much about your time and instead focus on correct form. But do still make a note of your time so you can try and beat it the next time you do it, when you will be that much fitter!!!

(You can click on the exercise names below for a full description)

Forward/ Reverse Lunge

Superman Extensions

Plyometric Squat

Commando Plank

Push Up

Plank Reach

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